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Welcome to Triumphant Tours

Welcome to Triumphant Tours

Welcome to Triumphant ToursWelcome to Triumphant ToursWelcome to Triumphant Tours


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'No Plan Survives First Contact with the Enemy'


About Me

Experienced Guide

 A keen life long motorcyclist (currently riding a Triumph Tiger Explor er and Speed Triple 1050). 

An Ex Soldier having completed 24 years service reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant, 18 years of which were within Airborne Forces, primarily with Airborne Signals. 

I also served two years with a Forward Air Control Unit (directing Fighter Aircraft on to ground targets) and three years with 5  Airborne Brigade Pathfinder Platoon.  

I was attached to 2nd Battalion The Scots Guards during the 1982 Falklands Conflict and have at one time or another served with each of the 3 Parachute Battalions around the world.

Don't go the 'long way round' go the 'right way round!'

Many people do not realise the size of the Landing areas, from the British Airborne landings on the left flank, through SWORD, JUNO, GOLD, OMAHA and UTAH Beaches to the US Airborne landings on the right flank is almost 80 kms (50 miles), because of this many under estimate the travelling time/distance from one site to another and end up missing interesting and important sites.  Much of the travelling is done at town speeds with holiday traffic and its associated problems and is therefore time consuming.

A guide book will tell you which events happened, where they happened and in general tell you where to visit but it cannot give the details of what really went on and why, it also cannot tell of the many heroic, sad and sometimes humorous events that occurred on this momentous day in our recent history. A guide book also cannot tell you when you've taken a wrong turn!  

Allow me show you the sites to maximise your time and experience on your Battlefield visit. 

I can tailor the tour to your individual needs and time scale, whether it be to visit the British Airborne landing sites, the British and Canadian Beaches or the American Beaches and the American Airborne landing sites.  I cater for groups of motorcyclists and their pillions lead the way throughout the so navigation will not be your problem.    

 I never get lost just geographically embarrassed.

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